Business Planning Process

Integrated Strategies offers fee-based business consulting by offering comprehensive, forward-facing solutions to small and medium sized private companies.  Working with existing management, we offer solutions centered around valuation considerations, exit and continuation options, employee recruiting and retention, transfer or consolidation strategies and succession planning around tax-sensitive generational transfer strategies.  Our goal is to help coordinate the success of your business endeavors with the lifestyle goals and dreams of your personal plan. 



Providing written review of current plans + forward-facing solutions focused on the following areas.

a. Review of current business plans (written observations)

b. Growth projections (with some associated cost and taxation consideration)

c. Transfer or Consolidation options (to family, owners, key employees and other controlled entities)

i. Contains entity elections, taxation, and transfer funding considerations.

d. 1031 and 1035 Exchange Options (Analytics, examples)

e. Sale examples - i.e., to an Irrevocable Grantor Trust (tax/basis/growth - utilizing 3 primary methods)

ii. Optional sale to employee(s) (analytics, funding, taxation, examples)

f. Basic non-goodwill valuation (written observations)

g. Opportunities Report (example of business-owned asset utilization)

h. Employee Non-Qualified Benefit Plan review (written observations)

i. Non-Qualified benefit plan options (deductibility vs. control considerations)

iii. Bonus plans, REBAs, deferred compensation arrangements/plans, variations and payout models.

iv. Tracking systems for leveraged bonus models.

j. Investment Deferred Compensation examples (individual or small group composites)

k. Comparison of benefit plan options (written observations)

l. Summary review of Business Stages (written observations)

m. National and International considerations (written observations)

n. Transfer for value concerns (written, case sensitive review)

o. Taxation considerations for capital and non-capital assets (written observations)

p. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) review – current/proposed/dissolution (written observations)

q. Educational non-profit coach retention plans (analytics)

r. Professional player retention plans (analytics)

s. Fundamentals of Partnership Special Allocations with Life Insurance (analytics)

t. Review of current non-qualified benefit plan concerns (i.e., 419(a)(f)(6), 412(i)/(e)(3), section 79 plans, NQ stock options, and many others)

u. Multi-policy comparison or Composite


Providing written review of current plans + forward-facing solutions focused on the following areas.

a. Review of current estate plan (written observations)

b. Trust review (purpose, decanting, protector options, special trustee rights, etc. – written review)

c. Hypothetical estate analysis (forward projection with individual/joint rules, law changes, inflation, growth, expense, taxation)

d. Sale to a defective irrevocable trust (analytics)

e. Estate, Gift, GST (multi-generation) tax considerations for transfers (analytics and written observations)

f. Considerations for 831(b) Captive Insurance Companies for estate transfers (analytics / methods / uses)

g. Stock recapitalization (written observations)

h. Business valuation review (purpose / written observations / some analytics)

i. Special Needs Trust review (written observations, funding, analytics)

j. Utilization of inter-generational split dollar planning to efficiently fund estates (analytics)

k. Inter-Generational Gift of a Lifetime (analytics and Waterfall Trust write-up)

l. Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT) analysis (analytics and multi-entity plans)

m. Tracking systems for estate interactions (sales to trust tracking, annual/lifetime gift tracking)

n. Myths of Irrevocable trust training/examples (advisor-facing)

o. Section 199(a) observations (written case-sensitive observations)

p. Survivor checklists / personal roadmap and testamentary video (written observations)

q. Spousal Lifetime Access Trust (analytics and written observations)

r. Multi-policy comparison or Composite


Providing written review of current plans + forward-facing solutions focused on the following areas.

a. Review of current personal plans (written review)

b. Comparison of product options (written observations and analytics)

c. Mortgage reduction options (analytics)

d. Charitable plan options (analytics)

e. Special Needs Trust review (written observations, funding, analytics)

f. Cost to Wait (analytics)

g. Creditor Protection review (written observations)

h. Fact finders (dozens from various sources)

i. Summary review of Family Stages Workplan (written observations)

j. Gift of a Lifetime (analytics / SPIA funding)

k. Comparison of life insurance (other carrier vs. MassMutual) (analytics / SPIA funding)

l. Comparison of a specific Indexed Life contract to a WL contract

m. Non-Correlated Asset (bear markets) reports (analytics):

v. WBC complimentary report (NCA)

vi. Forward and Reverse historic comparison (market sensitive, timing, analytics)

vii. Indexed Product historic analysis (market sensitive, timing, analytics)

n. Supplemental retirement – proper utilization (i.e., Non-correlated assets/bear market analytics)

o. Transfer for value concerns (written, case sensitive review)

p. Multi-policy comparison or Composite


Any discussion of taxes is for general information purposes only, does not purport to be complete or cover every situation, and should not be construed as legal, tax or accounting advice. Clients should confer with their qualified legal, tax and accounting advisors as appropriate.